Friday, April 3, 2009

news paper

A) What was the article about?
it was about a news paper going out of business, and they were saying how the online papers weren't helping. because people can just go look at the news paper online for free
B) How does all of this apply to the profession of journalism, our class, and more importantly, to the future of journalism in this country on the whole?
it shows how people are relying more on the web for their news and people can access it quicker and cheaper. our paper is free to everyone but its not that big.
C) What questions are you left with? Share at least two.
Why can't they just make a pay every month plan or the news papers online?
are any local news paper business going down?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Flags on coffins

1) What's the article about? Summarize it.
The article is about dead soldiers comming home with the flag drapped over their coffins, and all the contriversy about it. it also had some other military and political views in it
2) How does the story connect to our journalism class and journalism as a profession in general?
the families that lost their kid don't want everyone to see their children laying in a coffin so they dont want the reporters to take pictures of them.
3) What questions does the story leave you with after reading it? List at least two.
why was it banned in the first place?
why doesn't the military let everyone serve in the army instaead of a select few?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Faribault paper scandal

A. What is the article about?
the article is about a school paper that published a news story about a teacher being placed on administrative leave for inappropriate behavior. She was texting students.
B. What do you think about the material/information in this article? How does it seem to fit with our journalism class?
it shows we should listen to our editors and not publish stuff that discriminates others. The person who wrote it should have gotten the whole story and not just the little bits and pieces of it. I want to know what they were texting about. That would be really interesting to know about.
C. What questions are you left with? What kind of articles in journalism would you like to read next?
I'm not left with many questions but I would like to read stuff about more recent topics

Friday, January 2, 2009

starbucks guy

My computer won't let me download the annotation questions I'm not sure why but I'll try to write the best I can to this. The article was really good. It's pretty sad when someone dies, but the people at the Starbucks store really sounded like his second family. This man that no one seemed to know nothing about made a huge impact on all these people by sharing his stories and beliefs. He left a legacy through the memories and thoughts he left behind in the minds of all those that wanted to listen in that Starbucks store.